Dragus Maximus

a homersexual opera odyssey

Heartbeat Opera's fifth annual Halloween Drag Extravaganza 

October 26-27, 2018 at Roulette

Script by Ethan Heard & Peregrine Heard

Featuring excerpts from great operas by Handel, Monteverdi, Offenbach, Vivaldi, and others

with Direction by Ethan Heard, Music Direction by Jacob Ashworth and Daniel Schlosberg, Arrangements by Daniel Schlosberg, Conceived with Louisa Proske, Choreography by Emma Crane Jaster, Costumes by Fabian Aguilar, Jon Carter, Miodrag Guberinic & Andy Jordan, Make Up and Hair by Maiko Ando and Jon Carter, Lighting by Krista Smith, Projections by Shawn Boyle, Props by Corinne Gologursky, Stage Managed by Colin JB

“Feed the Snakes” lyrics by Royce Vavrek and music by Daniel Schlosberg

Featuring Drae Campbell (Homer), Justin Mock (Cerberus, Minotaur & Cupid), Peregrine Teng Heard (voice of Aphrodite), John Taylor Ward (Polyphemus & Jupiter), Jamilyn Manning-White (Medusa & Eurydice), Sara Couden (Dejanira & Muse), Nicolette Mavroleon (Nerone & Sappho), Wo Chan aka Pearl Harbor (Aphrodite incarnate), Jacob Ashworth (violin), Melanie Clapies (violin), Clare Monfredo (cello), Dara Bloom (bass), Gleb Kanasevich (clarinet), Daniel Schlosberg (harpsichord, piano)

Photos by Russ Rowland, Andrew Boyle