The Cat and the Canary

by John Willard, adapted by Ethan Heard

Berkshire Theatre Group, Summer 2013

Set by Reid Thompson, Costumes by David Murin, Lighting by Shawn Boyle, Music and Sound by Steve Brush

Photos by Meredith Reis


The actors are superb in this exceptional production, but the real stars of the evening are composer and sound designer Steven Brush and director Ethan Heard.  Heard’s cinematic direction is right on.  A daring production, with stunning visual and aural effects and one hell of a cast – what more could you ask for in a theatrical performance?

-WBRK Radio

Heard has staged Willard’s play in a masterful way, wringing all of the drama and fright out of it while, at the same time, zeroing in on its humor and turning it into a campy hit.... He has done a sensational job of both terrifying the audience and making it laugh.  [The company has] taken a work that could have been a tired on chestnut and made it look like it was written last week.

-History News Network

Innovative, creative, outside-of-the-box.  In the able hands of Heard, and with the stunning and often surprising set design of Reid Thompson, the show goes from potentially boring to absolutely stellar.  It’s seldom you see theater this creative and this dedicated to crafting a night of entertainment so fully rounded.   

-The Daily Gazette

Don’t miss this excellent production. Brilliantly directed by Ethan Heard.

-Berkshire Eagle